Digital Interactive Podium

Digital Interactive Podium

The versatile interactive podium works as a powerful presentation tool and supports collaboration in virtually any learning space, from small classrooms or labs to large auditoriums. Open presentations, documents, applications, websites and multimedia files, write notes over them in digital ink and save your work for distribution or later reference.

In rooms equipped with podium interactive whiteboards or displays you can work with content from anywhere in the room and display it on the interactive whiteboard or display. With the Podium interactive display, you can create and deliver engaging, interactive, digital presentations.

Because your course material is in front of you and displayed on a large screen, you can focus on keeping students engaged. The displays tethered pen acts as a mouse to navigate content on your screen control computer applications and write notes in multiple digital ink colors over applications, slides, websites and videos.

Out Standing Features

  • Support a variety of classrooms and faculty teaching/usage styles.
  • Be easily transported by Classroom Technology Support (CTS) personnel.
  • Ideally, Facilities Planning office should support the final design idea.