Human Resource Management Software

HRMS Pro is very comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly HRMS software. HRMS Pro consists of Payroll, ESS & HR Module. HRMS Pro is HRMS software that allows you to give a free rein to the hidden potential and buried talent of your human capital, in an organized and efficient manner by linking People, Strategy and performance together.

HRMS Pro significantly enhances bottom-line savings by automating routine HR and employee processes, frees the HR department to concentrate on strategic tasks contributing to organization growth, while providing employees and managers anywhere, anytime access to key functional business processes, information and knowledge. HRMS Pro helps in automating all the HR functions like Workflow, Recruitment, Training, Leave management, Claim management, Appraisals etc. It also reduces delays and cuts inefficiencies. HRMS Pro provides Organizations and their employees an easy and effective tool to adopt best HR practices.

HRMS Pro EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE MODULE (ESS): The entire process is automated & integrated between Employee Self Service Module & Bio Payroll to reduce the manual intervention and get desire information in employee's hands, on click of a button. Bio Payroll & ESS Module will meet your current need & allow growth into your future requirements.

Individual Employee Login with Password protection and change of Password on regular intervals for enhanced security.
  • Display of detailed Employee Personal Profile.
  • Display of Leave Balances with drop down to ledger level view.
  • Display of Loan Balances with drop down to ledger level view, Repayment Schedule & available respective balances of various Loans.
  • Display of Reimbursement details with ledger level view, vouchers given & available respective balances of various Reimbursement heads.
  • Display of Current CTC, Current & Historic Pay slips along with Summarized pay slip for from & to period.
  • Submit Investment Declarations online.
  • Display of IT Projection report on Investment declarations.
  • Display Company Rules & Notice available in ESSM module.
  • Create User Login for employees & give restricted rights to view specific modules to the employees.
  • Define Rules & regulations and Notices of the Organization.
  • Set the filter on the Payroll data for any given period & employees can only view the Pay slips, Tax Projection statement, and Investment declarations etc. for the given period
  • Left employees can be restrict to login into the system by flagging their status as terminated.
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